In November 2022, two professors and two students from ESADSE (École Supérieure d’Art et Design de Saint-Étienne) France visited and stayed in Riwanua for a project called Design Kolektif. It seeks to strengthen the links between the communities of research artists and designers in Indonesia and France. The project aims to enable the emergence and sustainability of an international exchange program between artists and designers based on residencies that include periods of immersion, exchange, and cultural and knowledge production activities. The ambition of Design Kolektif is to create a French-Indonesian working platform that, among other things, tests and shares ideas and experiences on radical pedagogical methods, economic models of self-organization and experiments with collective forms of creation between different cultures and different disciplines of art (performance, writing, exhibition) and design (object, graphic, spatial, digital). The continuation of this project is the trip of three participants from Indonesia to France.