Reza Enem is an artist who blends music with contemporary art, installations, manipulates sounds, images, and footage to shed light on various social and cultural issues.
He hails from a blend of Bugis and Maluku blood. After completing Mass Communication studies at Fajar University, Makassar in 2010, he ventured into the world of photography, working for a magazine in Jakarta. In 2010, he co-founded the indie band Theory of Dicoustic (renamed and more popular as tod in 2021), where he is the manager, guitarist, and lyricist. The band has released three EPs: Dialog Ujung Suar (2013), Alkisah (2014), and Silaga (2024) and one full-length album: La Marupe (2018). With tod he played in music gigs, including RRRec Fest 2014, Pekan Kebudayaan Nasional (2018, 2020), Soundrenaline 2018, Rock in Celebes 2019 and Synchronize Festival (2023). In 2015, he participated in the “Eating and Having Fun” residency program organized by Mite-Ugro-Zaza in Gwangju, South Korea, and showcased his work at the Art Nova 100: “Beyond the Border” International Youth Video Art Exhibition in Beijing, China, and also participated in Water Connection residency program, organized by FACT (Film, Art and Creative Technology), Liverpool, UK. (2017). Reza participated in some exhibitions and art projects, including the Jakarta Biennale in Jakarta, Indonesia (2016), the Roaming Assembly #6 by the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem, Netherlands, as part of Sonsbeek transAction (2016), the LIGHTNIGHT Festival and Water Connection Showcase in FACT Liverpool, UK (2017), and “Come Together UK-ID Festival” in SCBD, Jakarta, Indonesia (2017). From 2018 onwards, Reza has been actively involved in Riwanua, a project initiative based in his hometown of Makassar, South Sulawesi.