Johan Cruyff, a Dutch football legendary once said, “Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is.” Cruyff’s not-so-old saying implies one thing that most football “scholars” agree with; its complexity. But football’s complexity is not just about playing, it’s also about the entanglement with something outside of the field. The supporters, the society, national identity, city’s history, family’s memory, sense of belonging, organisation/institution, and even politics. In this talk, we will be discussing all the entanglements related to football from two perspectives: the fans and the players, from local to global phenomenon of football fandom. Rahmat Arham, co-founder and program manager of Riwanua and a lifelong supporter of PSM Makassar, will tell us the history of local and national football in Indonesia, including how the shift in the means of communication has changed the way we enjoy football. Harry Isra, researcher of Riwanua and a big fan of FC Liverpool, will discuss collective practices in football that might be adapted in the independent art scene.  Niesya Harahap, a musician based in Medan, North Sumatra and student of Department of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia, and a fan of FC Real Madrid, will try to analyze football fans from a psychological perspective. Felipe Steinberg, an interdisciplinary artist and former Brazilian footballer, will share how he communicates with other players on the pitch through the ball and body movement as a medium of communication.