Riwanua menyediakan ruang (studio kerja, tempat tidur, dan wahana presentasi) bagi peneliti dan pekerja budaya (baik dari Sulawesi Selatan sendiri, Indonesia secara umum, maupun dari mancanegara) untuk bermukim, penelitian, belajar, berbagi pengetahuan dan keterampilan, ataupun mencipta karya. Program residensi ini juga menawarkan kepada partisipannya untuk terhubungan secara aktif dengan medan praktek seni dan budaya, baik di dalam maupun luar negeri.


Riwanua provides space (working studio, bedroom, and tools for presentation) for researchers and cultural workers from South Sulawesi, Indonesia in general, and also from abroad, to live, to do research, to study, to share knowledge and skills, as well as to produce works. This residency also offers participants to actively connect with the field of art and cultural practice in both the local and global art and cultural practice scene that are part of Riwanua’s network.


In November 2022, two professors and two students from ESADSE (École Supérieure d’Art et Design de Saint-Étienne) France visited and stayed in Riwanua for a project called Design Kolektif. It seeks to strengthen the links between the communities of research artists and designers in Indonesia and France. The project aims to enable the emergence and sustainability of an international exchange program between artists and designers based on residencies that include periods of immersion, exchange, and cultural and knowledge production activities. The ambition of Design Kolektif is to create a French-Indonesian working platform that, among other things, tests and shares ideas and experiences on radical pedagogical methods, economic models of self-organization and experiments with collective forms of creation between different cultures and different disciplines of art (performance, writing, exhibition) and design (object, graphic, spatial, digital). The continuation of this project the trip of three participants from Indonesia to France.


Frauke Rohenkohl

From February to mid-March 2023, artist Frauke Rohenkohl will complete a residency program in Riwanua. In 2021, she completed her Master’s degree in Visual Communication with a focus on intermedia photography and editorial design at the Kunsthochschule Kassel and is currently also studying Fine Arts with a focus on sculpture. She implements an interdisciplinary and multimedia artistic practice and pursues artistic research. In this process, she deals with movement structures of capitalist economy and industry by analysing value chains. Her latest artistic work and research entitled “Business As Usual” deals with the shoe industry and examines the symbiosis of two places, on the one hand in Germany (Pirmasens), with the other in India (Kanpur) on the basis of the value chain of leather products. In creating this work, she merges current photography with archival material and expands the research by examining historical sources such as business reports, newspaper articles, statistics and so on. Through collaborations in moving image and sound, as well as with other disciplines, she creates a multimedia complementary perspective to the photographic practice. Her artistic output takes the form of a reimagined and global archive that mirrors our contemporary economic world.